Leo Drioli


Realising the As-it-isness

“True Dharma is the Dharma of as-it-isness, where not even a thought of consciousness is working. It is ‘it’, or the truth that transcends space and time” – Zenkai Shibayama The other day I came across a powerful 4 step process created by Buddhist Teacher, Tara Brach, which I see as a simple yet valuable …

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Hidden Right Here

You reached down The branch moved, just a bit, I did notice … I looked, and heard you whisper Isn’t it always like this? In the most unsuspecting moments You pull me out of my reverie And here You are before me Right in the middle of it all. And I’m always taken by surprise …

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Water Falls

Water falls … Rock climbs … Mind sits … Breath breathes … Pen moves … I think … Who Am I ? Emptiness stuns … Mirror calls … Water falls …