Leo Drioli

The Final Instruction – In Nine Breaths

Don’t go looking for,
Stay with looking at …

Resist the temptation to seek more
Simply rest in what is directly before you.

Breath in … see it, look and see it,
then, when seen … no more.

Breath in … new, fresh, clear … This moment …
Again, the only practice if we can call it such, is:
Look and see … once seen, let the ripples of what has been seen dissipate … then … again:

Breath in …. see it, look and see it, nothing more, nothing else …
simply This, just as it is, from this moment.
Be sure, if truly seen, it will radiate with brilliance, there’s no mistaking the truth, the real …
for the untruth, the unreal.
You will know when it’s true, it will radiate authenticity … So …

Breath in … what do you see?
A joy lies in each attempt at describing the indescribable.
Every attempt fails completely, yet …. undeniably, here it is, right before you … how clear, how pure, how real, how true … and once again:

Breath in … Look and see … a billion lifetimes embraced by this moment.
Every breath ever breathed, in this moment, breathed as this moment.
You have it all … absolutely all of it!
It’s yours … see it, and you are free with every breath.

Breath in … Look and see … sweet surrender, that’s all that’s possible here …
and this of course is not an act of doing, an act of will …
Surrender is your true ground of Being – This you are!
So resist any temptation to take it further …
You are here, you are awake, you are free … Look and see.

Breath in … Look and see … the final instruction.

Breath in … Look and see.

Breath in …

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