Leo Drioli


The Joy

Leo finds one of his greatest joys through song writing, having released his first single “Give It Your Love” and his debut EP “Let Your Spirit Sing”, he is currently working on his next project, a new collection of Heart Songs to be released in 2021.

The Expression

Leo’s songs come from the heart, capturing insight and wisdom teachings, yet crafted as pop songs. His love for life, his joy in noticing the detail … especially the deeper significance of each moment keeps him alive and awake to the inner whisperings and nudges of Spirit … constantly offering a deeper insight or a simpler way of arriving at something ageless in a refreshingly new way.

The Journey

Leo continues to be a voice in the spiritual community via the first two books in his “Enlightened Living” series “Every Moment’s a Miracle” and “You Hold the Key”, along with regular articles in his newspaper “InnerSelf” (http://www.innerself.com.au/)  and  via his blog and social media contributions.


Give It Your Love


Here and Now

Just a Little Bit More

Let Your Spirit Sing

Yield to Love Each Day