Leo Drioli

Could Anything Be Sweeter Than This?

Could anything be sweeter than this? Looking out I feel the joy of these sacred gardens (Chinese Friendship Gardens) right in the heart of crazy whirling Sydney … an oasis of serenity and stillness … everything reflecting God’s presence … right in the middle of this endless pursuit of more and bigger lies this conscious expression of the divine … tasting the delicate flavours of the French Earl Grey I am sipping, I savour the subtle the delights of this perfumed blend of bergamot, apricot, mango, cornflowers, rose and tea leaves … delicately combined to open the heart and uplift the spirit … beautifully complimenting the soft view before me. As I’m sitting here, a gentle heart is serenading the keys with a sweet jazz melody that blends beautifully with the texture of the moment.

“This moment” loves to be loved … life loves to be loved.
As I drink it all in I am reminded of the line from one of John Lennon’s more obscure songs, Intuition … wonderful words of appreciation for the moment: “I confirm an old suspicion , it’s good to be alive.”
As the weeping willow sways gently to the breeze, eloquently arched over the lotus pond before me, that “sneaking old suspicion” seeps deeper and deeper into my heart.

Gobsmacked … dumbfounded … absolutely astonished … God’s forever outpouring can never be touched by words, yet we keep forever trying … and there’s such joy even in the trying … these words are like shadows trying to frame the light … fingers forever pointing at the moon … none ever getting closer yet here it is … in all its glory, in all its splendour, radiating suchness, isness and beingness … always and forever.